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Video Training Library

Short, engaging training videos covering all you need to know about your new Digital Theatre+ account

  • Set up student access and filter adult content
  • Learn where to find resources and how to share them
  • Make sure your whole school knows about Digital Theatre+ and keep track of your usage
  • Get top tips on how different subjects can use it



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Guided Tour

Showing your colleagues around the different areas of Digital Theatre+ for the first time?

This whistle-stop navigation explains the layout of the site and shows you how to surface the content most relevant to your classes.


Raising Awareness

You'll want to make sure everyone at your school knows about and is enjoying their Digital Theatre+ access!

Find out about our regular newsletters, promotional poster materials, social media accounts and even get tips for hosting theatre nights!


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Measuring Usage

It can be helpful to understand how much your school is using the Digital Theatre+ platform.

Find out how to download usage reports for your account and get an insight into what resources are proving most popular.


Different Types of Resources

You might already have a particular production you can't wait to watch - but there's much more to explore besides!

Learn about the other kinds of resources now at your fingertips, including e-learning videos, study guides, lesson plans, activity packs and much more.



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Resources for English Classes

Digital Theatre+ is definitely not just for Drama students!

Here are some top picks from the collection for students studying English, including specially commissioned series such as Poetry in Action.


Resources for Students Aged 11-14

Digital Theatre+ is loved by students of all ages and we have a rapidly expanding Middle School collection.

Here are our recommendations for young learners (11-14 year-olds) using our platform for the first time or just getting started with studying the arts.


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Filtering Adult Content

It's important to us that you feel confident using appropriate materials for your students of different ages.

Learn about our new content controls and how they work in this video. For a more in-depth guide please see our written article here


How Our Content is Made

Who makes our fantastic content and where does it come from?

From our own live-captured and commissioned works to exclusive partnerships with leading theatre and production companies, find out how Digital Theatre+ gets made.



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Signing In

Make sure all your students and colleagues can log in to Digital Theatre+ and access their new resources 24/7, whether they're learning from home or from school.


Sharing and Downloading

Find out how, where and with whom you can use your Digital Theatre+ subscription.

Discover simple ways to share our audio-visual and written resources with your students and set work for them to complete.

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